Senator Coon's Q and A from June, 2019

Senator Coons answered questions on the following topics:


This is a process and all steps/tools available to the legislators’ should be used to effect this end.  Is it the legislators’ constitutional duty? Yes, however it will not result in the reversal of the 2016 election and may well result in the reverse.    

Climate change

Is it happening? Yes.  Is it human driven? Yes.  Will there be global participation?  Unknown but the U.S. needs to proceed with some form of a “price-on-carbon “ bill and “renewable energy” legislation as well as renegotiating the Paris Treaty that Trump abandoned after taking office. 

Press Corp

What we have been used to, equal coverage perspective, is virtually non- existent.  Media news is now business driven.  The Public needs to stay informed and be better educated and get the data from various sources to correct this new environment.  

Electoral College

It is outdated but to amend/modify is cumbersome.

Foreign interference in our elections

Some GOP senators have joined with Democrats to co-sponsor legislation designed to shore up voting machines and make it harder for foreign intelligence operatives to hack, leak and manipulate social media the way the Russians did in 2016.  But those bills are going nowhere — because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has not allowed a vote on any of them 

Opinion on the proposal of free college or free community college

It would be more effective if, like the G.I. bill, students “earn it,” by a commitment to a Federal program like the Peace Corp or AmeriCorps.  

Don Allan