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New Delaware legislation aims to fight against gun violence

WILMINGTON, De. (CBS) -- Some lawmakers in Delaware are introducing legislation that they believe can help combat gun violence.

Residents would need to take a training course and obtain a permit before being able to buy a gun.

There was a hearing to discuss the bill Wednesday and it's getting some pushback from gun rights advocates.

Inside a crowded Senate chamber in Dover, a battle over gun safety legislation took center stage.

"A high school student should not be able to get hold of a gun. I believe if this bill was placed earlier this could have been prevented.

Wednesday, April 26, marked the first hearing of Senate Bill 2 proposed legislation in Delaware that would require residents to complete a firearm training course and obtain a permit before being able to purchase a handgun.

"I don't want to live in a world where you can't knock on someone's door safely, you can't go to the mall safely, where you can't go to school safely," Mara Gorman said.

Gorman is part of "Mom's Demand Action" fighting against gun violence.

She was inside the chamber arguing this bill can help reduce the number of grieving parents and help keep guns out of the hands of young kids.

"That it's children on the streets of Wilmington getting shot while riding their bikes, that it's guns getting fired on school campuses in Delaware," Gorman said.

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