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Running as Write In Candidate - June 23, 2021

1. Guest Speaker Patti Drago spoke about her experience and lessons learned running a campaign as a write-in candidate. Learnings she passed on included: ways in which the closed primary system disenfranchised independent voters; the challenges in “teaching” people how to write in a candidate’s name; the high cost of running; the strong public interest in qualified candidates; the possibility of drawing bi-partisan support; the importance of face-to-face campaigning. After her presentation she took questions from the audience.

2. President Kathy Hughes spoke about the need to help people experiencing homelessness. She introduced the project headed by Love Inc to secure a site – possibly the old Troop 7 building and grounds – to provide year- round housing for people in need. After her presentation and discussion, she asked for volunteers to serve on a committee focused on assisting Love Inc and others in securing the needed housing. Several people volunteered and will report back at the next meeting.

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