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Most countries express confidence in Biden, US: poll

by Nick Robertson of The Hill

June 27, 2023

Most people reached in a recent survey of 23 countries have largely positive views of the U.S. and President Biden, according to data the Pew Research Center released Tuesday.

The poll found that 59 percent of people surveyed globally view the U.S. favorably, with 30 percent responding unfavorably. Similarly, 54 percent of respondents have confidence in Biden, compared to 39 percent with little confidence.

Support for the U.S. is strongest in Poland, Israel, South Korea, Nigeria, Japan and Kenya. Much of the increase in support in Poland is due to U.S. support for the war in Ukraine, researchers said.

Only Hungary did not have a majority-favorable view of the U.S. among surveyed countries.

Researchers this spring polled over 27,000 people from 23 countries all over the world, many of which are U.S. allies.

Previous surveys found confidence in the president during the Trump administration. The difference was most significant in middle-income nations such as Brazil, researchers said. There, Biden’s 44-percent confidence rating this year is a significant improvement from Trump’s 29-percent mark in 2019.

Similarly, in Mexico, confidence in the president has returned to near the levels of the Obama administration to 43 percent, rising from near-single digits during the Trump administration.

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