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Democratic candidates need you. Campaigns are not won by advertisements or interviews; they are won with effective grassroots activism. They are won because of people like you.

There are many ways to get involved in a campaign, so a place can be found for everyone. Some of these Get Out The Vote (GOTV) activities are:

  • Donate - Every campaign needs money for technical resources, consultants and managers, advertising, mailings, signs, filing fees, and myriad other requirements of a successful campaign. Small donations form the core of every campaigns finances, so dig deep for your favorite candidates.

  • Host a Meet and Greet - invite your neighbors and friends to meet a candidate at your house. For the cost of some snacks and drinks, your candidate can connect with voters and make his or her case for their candidacy while also raising needed funds.

  • Staff a phone/texting bank - Voters respond to personal appeals, and you can call or text them with your computer or phone while sitting at home in your jammies. 

  • Canvassing - Yes, campaigns still include knocking on doors. You meet your neighbors face to face and ask for their support, distribute candidate literature, and provide yard signs. Most people are not as politically aware as you are and appreciate the new information you provide.

  • Write postcards - A personal note to voters can make all the difference in the world, and there are people who can match you with important campaigns both locally and across the country.

Here is a list of most of the Democratic candidates this election cycle, and the web site you can use to contact them or donate:

State Senator (SD6 incumbent)) Russ Huxtable:

State Representative (RD20 incumbent) Stell Parker Selby:

State Representative (RD14) Marty Rendon:

Sussex County Council 3rd District Candidate Dana Paskins:

State Representative (RD4) Gregg Lindner:

State Representative (RD41) Tom Brett:


Lieutenant Governor:

Kyle Evans Gay:

Debbie Harrington:

Sherry Dorsey Walker:


Matt Meyer:

Bethany Hall-Long:

Collin O'Mara: TBA

House of Representatives:

Colleen Davis:

Sarah McBride:

Eugene Young:

US Senate:

Lisa Blunt Rochester:

Engagement Opportunities

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