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What You Can Do

If you are reading this, you are an activist. You care enough about our society to seek ways to get more involved, to unite with fellow Democrats as we work to improve lives across Sussex County and Delaware.

Your money, your time and effort, and your advocacy all serve to bring Democratic principles into governance and to help others enjoy same benefits of living in Sussex County that so many take for granted.

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Every nonprofit organization relies on donations, and the closer those organizations are to the people, the most important financial support comes from individuals.

From social justice and environmental groups to political campaigns, monetary support is key to achieving their goals.

Click on the link below to learn where your financial support can be put to its best use.


Improving lives takes work; some things just plain require hands on labor. Shelters need staffing, new voters need help in registering, campaigns need ground troops to call voters, write postcards,  and knock on doors.

If giving of your time and effort appeals to you, follow the ENGAGE link below for some resources to guide you.

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Contrary to popular belief, elected officials do pay attention to the people they represent. From the local level to the national, involved activists can influence public policy through informed communication with those charged with governance.

The volume of legislation being considered and ordinances debated can seem intimidating, but we have provided some links to resources that can help you sort it all out. Click the ADVOCATE button to learn more.

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